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Over the last couple of years with help from Eric Miles & more recently  Sheri O`Reilly I have been able to create this snap shot of the fantastic vintage motocross scene that we are lucky to have here in the UK. Everything on here is free to look at & read with no pesky pop up adverts so I hope you enjoy clicking around the website & maybe it might even encourage you to go out, buy a bike & get racing if you aren’t already doing so. If you want to get involved then things are changing & pretty much all the organising groups are now using facebook to put out all the latest club & event information so head on over & join the various groups & start making new friends.  I can`t image the 2018 season will be much different than the proceeding ones regarding the type of equipment & machines that riders use so much of what you see & read here is still very relevant although I hear several organisers are trying their best to stamp out the use of more modern parts being sneaked onto older bikes, especially in the Evo  category so be warned. Personally 2018 will see me attempting the big double ! Yes folks that’s right, I will attempt to ride ( notice how I said ride & not race ) at two, yes two ! separate race meetings during the season.  Yes I know its a massive ask & I know I will be pushing my luck & body to the very edge of it`s feeble abilities but it just has to be done ! See you on the start line…Mr J  

84A big shock to hear about the passing of one of my favourite motocross racers, the great Hakan Carlqvist in July 2017. I was lucky enough to see him race several times at Hawkstone Park back in the 1980s on board his brute of a works Yamaha YZ500. I only wish he would have popped over to the UK just once to visit the Vets MXDN so the fans could have shown their appreciation of one of the sports greatest ever riders, I think event organiser Dave King tried many times to make contact with him but sadly it was not to be. Rest easy Mr Carlqvist & thank you for the memories. Mr J

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