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Well 2020 will certainly be remembered in the history books for all the wrong reasons that`s for sure. But never mind, welcome to classicdirtbikerider.com. Set up by me, Mr J, a few years back to help showcase the ever growing classic motocross scene here in the UK. There are none of those annoying pop ups on here folks so have a click around & enjoy yourself. When the world finally gets back to something like normal no doubt we will all tip out again wearing the same old kit, riding the same old bikes & generally try are very best to throw ourselves at the British countryside. If you want to get involved in the racing then head on over to facebook, there are some race meetings due to take place before the end of this summer. You will find me along with all the other bewildered men of motocross on facebook plus the main movers & shakers who make the sport tick, such as the West Midlands pre 85 Evo group & the National Twinshock Series guys. All the various AMCA classic scrambling clubs will have a page on there as well. So keep safe & i might see you on the start line one day. Mr J

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 Having time on your hands does funny things to a person but what to do ? You make a pair of life size steel & brass motocross goggles of course !MOTOCROSS GOGGLES LIFE SIZE METAL STEEL BRASS GOGGLES HONDA CR500 KAWASAKI KX500 MAICO 490 SUZUKI RM YAMAHA YZ490 classicdirtbikerider.com