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Bevercotes May 30th 2021 National Twinshock Championship Round 2. I had managed to bag the best of the race day fold up chairs, the one with only one arm missing & was steadily making my way through a packet of scotch eggs, Tunnock bars, crisps, Kit Kats & fizzy lemonade, diet of course, i`m not a total animal. You know, the kind of food all the top guys like Thorpe, Johnson & Ward would have eaten back in the day. I had chosen my position well so i could observe the start gate & steep hill into the first turn. It soon became apparent that once the gate dropped & the field raced away up the hill an arrow head shape formed & the rider at the tip of it always came from the right hand side of the gate man about 4 or 5 bikes along. So Clubman Class race 2 comes around & like a tramp on chips i grab the hot ticket position on the line. Sat there waiting for the previous race to finish i look up the long hill at the crystal clear blue sky above & think “you’ve cracked it this time my old son, a great start is in the bag ! “
So the gate drops & we all rocketed up the hill, things are going well & i am holding a tight position on the inside, soon riders all start to crowd in from the left & we all slowed down to almost a dead stop. All of a sudden in super slow motion like a set of dominoes a rider to my left falls over who knocks the rider to his right over who then knocks me over. I fell on the rider next to me, who is guess who, yes my constant shadow #188 “Killer Copeland” but he manages to wriggle free & ride on while i hit the floor & roll away under the ropes. By the time i had got back to my feet there was a pile of four bikes with mine stuck at the very bottom & a rider sitting on top of the whole lot. Unfortunately there was not much i could do other than wander off for a moment & contemplate on the meaning of life while the pile of old bikes & riders was being untangled. The bike was having none of course & refused to start, it had to be bumped started back down the hill by which time i was a lap & a half down. They say god laughs when man makes plans, i think they may be right. See you on the start line at round 3, The Grange. Mr J classicdirtbikerider.com

Well it`s May 11th 2021 & the first round of the National Twinshock Championship took place a couple of days ago at snipers hill,  Polesworth in England. The very sandy / stony track is always chosen to hold round one of the series because it`s regarded as  good all weather / winter track but that doesn’t mean it`s an easy ride. Several days of rain before the meeting produced some pretty heavy going & i believe the organisers suffered a barrage of phone calls from riders wishing to cancel their entry due to the weather forecast. The early morning practice sessions took place in some very deep mud indeed but the sun shone down on the righteous & the brave men & women of motocross who did turn out to race were rewarded with perfect track conditions by mid morning. As always my trusty Suzuki 400 fired up after only a couple of kicks even though i hadn’t even sat on it let alone started the thing since i raced at the final round of 2020 down in Cullam, Oxfordshire last September. It`s easy going, tractor like motor soldiered on all day even though i insisted in trying to ride up hills in 3rd gear when 2nd would have been a far better choice. Race one & two saw me pottering around at the back of the pack, dueling it out with a couple of other Suzuki mounted riders. Race three was a bit of a surprise as i somehow manage a good start that saw me at about seventh place into the the first turn. A few of the fast lads soon rocketed past but i was holding a nice mid pack position until for the first time all day i stalled the motor on a really easy bit of track & let 5 or 6 riders slip past, game over. Away from the racing it was a bit of a strange time as the meeting took place under Covid 19 restrictions. Everybody had to park well apart from one another in the paddock & if you left your own little camp you had to wear a face mask even though we were in the middle of a field with the wind blowing. And yes, the local council / police did pay us a visit on race day to make sure all the rules were being followed. Hopefully the next round will be held under restriction free conditions. See you on the start line, Mr J.


ABOVE a picture of me taken at Polesworth May 2021 by National Twinshock Championship photographer Andrew Fairclough. A top bloke who regularly has his images used in “TMX” Trials & Motocross News. You can find him on facebook & see images of all the riders who take part in the series.

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