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Dave Bickers Remembered….The off road motorcycling world sadly had to say good bye to one of it`s greatest riders & biggest personalities in 2014, Mr Dave Bickers. His racing exploits & European championship victories all happened a little before my time, so everything I know about Dave is from books, magazines & old black & white videos. I know he must have been special, because every time “Scrambling” is mentioned in the normal everyday press, or a small article pops up on TV, they always mentioned the same two names, one is Jeff Smith & the other that closely follows is Dave Bickers. My only personal experience of Dave Bickers was quite by chance, my brother & I were down at the Telford classic dirt bike show a few years ago, they announced that the great Joel Robert was about to be interviewed on stage, so over we went like a shot. Joel was very witty & entertaining, the crowd hung on to his every word, then all of a sudden from nowhere Dave Bickers pops up & is invited on to the stage. Well dear reader, I am afraid I just can`t put in to words how fantastic the next 20 or so minuets were, the banter between the two men, the funny stories & the tales of daring do etc. All to soon this amazing meeting & interview of two of the sports greatest riders was over, my brother & I realised that we had just witnessed some thing very special indeed. All I can say is rest easy Mr Bickers & on behalf of myself & all the other classic motocross fans of the world, thank you for the memories……Mr J