Classic Bonanza Scramble 2015…..From the chitter chatter that I have read regarding this event, it seems to be a bit of a “MARMITE” situation, you either love it or hate it. I don`t know if it`s the track size / layout or some of the slightly unusual ways in which the organisers choose to run the event that put some riders off. Unfortunately, photographers are not allowed on the in field, even guys who work for major off road publications have been refused permission in the past, so Eric has to make the best of a bad job. I presume that it`s some thing to do with insurance but considering it`s been a major event on the classic off road calendar for many years you would think something could have been sorted out by now. Having said all that the event still attracts plenty of riders & most years there`s always been a few well know faces on the start line, this year saw Mick Andrews #2 rock up on a mighty 600cc Matchless as well as that man in yellow & black, Terry Challinor #1.  As seems to be all to often the case this season, the riders had to contend with very wet conditions throughout the day but even so, a good days sport was had by all. Apparently the land that has hosted the event for many years is now up for sale, so we will have to wait & see what happens next year……..Mr J