Hanbury Classic Scramble Photos, August 30th 2015…….Action & drama both on & off the track this week readers, top photographer Eric Miles reports it`s a miracle that we have more than a hand full of photos to look at !  While dashing around the infield at Sundays event, the camera memory “SD” card that contained most of the images Eric had taken on the day, fell out of his pocket & was lost. He was left with only a few photos on the fresh “SD” card that was popped in to replace the full one that had gone missing. Not one to give up easily, Eric made the long trip back down to the venue the next day & amazingly he found the missing “SD” card. Luckily, 24 hours lying in soaking wet grass had not damaged the card.

As you can see from the photos below it was a wet day & parts of the wide open & very fast course, that many riders agree is ideally suited to the traditional “big bikes”, became very slippery indeed. This did not deter the riders one bit & the event saw a large turn out, especially for the sidecar class as this was a championship round. It was also the last chance for various solo riders, to get some serious practice in before the fast approaching classic MXDN. Apart from the car parking being a bit of a squash due to loosing the use of a field & one race having to be red flagged when a rider took a nasty tumble, things went along ok according to Eric. The day ended on a high note in fine style with Mr Dave Gittins presenting the Jeff Smith Trophy to Tim Dallaway …Mr J