2015 King of the castle photos…..It`s hard to believe that all photos below were taken on the same day, Sunday 5th July 2015. After a bright start that saw the water bowser out on the course trying to keep the dust down, what seems to be all to often the case this season, the weather closed in & by mid afternoon a heavy down pour had made the course very tricky to negotiate indeed. The organisers altered the course in the woods, I don`t know for sure but I presume they cut out the extremely steep downhill staircase section, one slip there would be very dangerous for a fallen rider & for the ones in close pursuit, take a look at the photos of the first lap procession on the staircase & you will see what I mean. The problems for the riders didn’t end there, some of the cambered corners on the upper grassy slopes & at the bottom of the long down hill straight were treacherous, with no ruts or outside berm to drop your front wheel into, it was a case of slowly tip toeing your way around each corner until you could straighten up enough to start winding on the power. Up until this soggy Sunday afternoon end to the proceedings, there had been some fast & furious racing & from what I gather Saturdays weather had been far better, with riders making full use of the world famous Farleigh Castle circuit. Amazingly the sun did reappear on Sunday just in time for the final “King Of The Castle” race, this produced some of the closest racing of the weekend, it went down to the wire with the two front runners neck & neck to the very end. Over all it`s a great event that`s well organised, defiantly one for the diary.