2015 National Twinshock Championship Photos, Round 6, Gale Common, August 30th…… Gale Common Moto Park is a man made track built on a flat piece of ground right next to the M62 motorway, just off junction 34. On the day of this event the track had been prepared very well indeed, pretty much all the corners are of the high banked type, so it`s the perfect place to practice your “Berm Railing” technique. The track boasts quite a variety of different types of jump to play on, table tops etc, at the far end of the track as you turn to make your way back towards the finish, you find a long straight “Wash Board / Whoops” section, again this had been nicely prepared / graded & presented quite a technical section for the riders to tackle. It`s a wide track that any type of rider or machine can negotiate quite easily, the top lads can choose to hit the jumps hard & attack the “Whoops” section flat out if they wish, which many did, while the steadier riders can cruise around & enjoy a good days sport.

It was pretty clear that a lot of the riders were “On It” right from the start & were taking no prisoners, most had quite a few race meetings under their belt already season & from what I gather quite a few were getting in some serious race practice before the big one, “VMXDN”, at Farleigh Castle in a couple of weeks time. It did make me feel sorry for the riders who manage to wangle a ride at Farleigh but don`t do much else for the rest of the season, they will be in for a bit of a shock when these boys get at um !

There was a bit of excitement at the start of the second race when #15 over shot the first turn, but he quickly re-joined the race with out incident. This caused the organisers to alter the track & give the charging pack something a bit bigger to aim at, out came the JCB & 15 minuets later normal service had been resumed. Apart from this bit of fun & the water bowser being out of action for a spell causing the race schedule to be shortened a bit, all went well. The racing was very entertaining all day long, especially the final handicap race that saw some right ding dong battles with quite a few riders tightly bunched together for the duration. On top of all that the weather was kind to us, with bright sunshine to start with then clouding over but staying warm, there was not even a hint of a breeze in the air, in fact all the way home along the M62 not one of the many energy producing wind turbines were turning, is this some sort of record…..Mr J