EURO EVO 2015 Photos, round 3 Hawkstone Park England…….I only realised late on Saturday night that the British round of the “Euro Evo 2015″ motocross series was being held this very weekend at Hawkstone Park, so that meant I had already missed all of Saturdays action ! A midnight session of charging up camera batteries followed, then an early start on Sunday morning was planned. Things didn’t get any better the next day, on arriving, before I even had chance to get out of the car & have a stretch in the early morning sunshine, the track side tannoy crackled into life & a call was put out for all Evo riders to make their way to the start holding area, they were going to get things underway & be the first group out on the track, “crikey”, no chance of having a wonder around today, it was just a case of dashing to the start & grabbing a few snaps. After the Evo boys had finished giving me something to photograph, I finally had chance to figure out what this event was all about. Like so many events these days, to help cover the costs of putting on a race meeting, especially if you want to stage it at a top venue like Hawkstone Park, their were classes for both old & new machines. On the one hand we had the Evo guys, riding bikes made between 1981 & 1989, a good mix of British riders along with quite a few lads who had made the trip over from main land Europe. As far as I understand the “2015 Euro Evo Series” consists of four rounds, two in Belgium, one in Holland & one in England. The rest of the days race program was filled with classes for riders of modern equipment, the groups were, 85cc, junior clubmen, MXY2 open youth, fastest 40 pro MX1 & MX2, as well as a round of the MX1 & MX2 Michelin Cup. What`s the “Michelin Cup” I here you ask, well it appears to be quite a big time championship run by the “ACU” for modern riders, the overall championship winner in each Michelin Cup class getting a years worth of Michelin motocross tyres for free. Judging by some of the large race transporters in the paddock, that had even larger workshop side awnings attached to them, it seems to attract some of the best riders around, I would guess that it`s the championship title they all want to attain more than anything, with a hope of using it as a stepping stone on to bigger things, rather than the lure of free rubber. Returning to the Evo`s, if you would like to take part in the Euro Evo series but are possibly put off, thinking it`s only for the top level Evo riders, then don`t be, don`t get me wrong, it`s not for beginners but from what I saw there were some fast riders out in front but there were still plenty of steady clubman standard riders taking part & enjoying a ride out at one of the worlds most famous motocross tracks. One does wonder sometimes how many riders are put off entering events with words like “Championship” etc in the title, thinking they will be totally outclassed or in the way. In my experience, most events labelled as “national championship” or what ever, are not a lot different than a basic clubman’s event, usually just a few more flags & banners around the circuit are the only visible difference, so don`t be put off. As well as taking part in the Euro Evo series, I think a certain Mr Dave King is involved in helping organise it, so if you happen to bump into him he may be able to give you some idea of what the other European rounds are like to race in or you can visit the official “Euro Evo 2015″ website. If you would like a high resolution copy, without a watermark, of any of the images below, then contact me, Mr J at