National Twinshock Championship 2016 Round 2 Photos, Hawkstone Park April 30th…… Even though it`s a very demanding track, the iconic Hawkstone Park drew in a good entry for round 2 & as you can see from the photos the track was bathed in sunshine for the start of Saturdays proceedings. Unfortunately the circuits star attraction “Hawkstone Hill” was out of action, I presume bad weather leading up to the event must have caused it to be closed off but even without it the track is still one hell of a thing to master. Hawkstone is basically just a constantly moving sea of sand, shallow crisscrossed ruts with a few very deep ruts thrown in for good measure & just to make things even more interesting the faces of the jumps quickly get rutted out too. The deep sand just sucks all the momentum out of the bike & all the energy out of it`s pilot, the top lads will say it`s no problem,  just keep your weight back to lighten the front wheel, keep the power on, stay up on the pegs & let the bike move around bellow you, but for us mere mortals it`s easier said than done, the expert riders make it all look o so simple. The rain made a few appearances throughout the day but most were short lived until late afternoon when it really started to come down but considering it was still quite early in the motocross season all in all it was a good days racing. Enjoy the photos, sorry if I haven’t featured you in the gallery, it`s always worth contacting me if you want a picture of yourself or a family member as a lot of the images I take never get uploaded so I may be able to help you out. All the best, Mr J